Bali Girls 101

Are Bali bar girls prostitutes?

Sex in Bali

bali girls 101- sex in baliIt’s a common thought among Western men in Bali that many of the Bali girls or Indonesian girls working in bars are prostitutes, this is not all true, however many Bali girls are happy to take a guy home for the right price!

The areas of Seminyak and Legian most girls are honest workers, but if they like you, you might find they would happily earn a few extra dollars by going home with you.

If you want a sure thing hit the area of Kuta, most of the bars and clubs along Jl Legain are full of Bali girls who hang out waiting for guys to buy them a drink, have a dance then go home with them.

One of the best places to try your luck is a multi level nightclub wall to wall with pretty Bali girls looking for some action, you can buy them a drink and chat for awhile, have some fun or just walk in grab one work out a price and then straight out the door back to your hotel.

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